What is snoring

Snoring is a sawing, gurgling-droning sound made when breathing during sleep. Snoring sounds are usually caused by a narrowing of the airways behind the uvula or in the area in the pharynx behind the tongue (see the oval area in the drawing). This creates a vacuum in the throat where the soft palate and uvula meet the tongue and the walls of the pharynx. Snoring occurs when these structures vibrate.

Snoring a social problem

Snoring is an aggravating problem that can cause considerable irritation, especially for the partner. In many cases, couples even choose to sleep separately. The solution is not ideal, but often essential in order for the non-snorer to get a good night’s sleep.

Which worsens snoring

There are several circumstances that can aggravate snoring: sleeping on one’s back, smoking, obesity, the use of alcohol and the use of some medicines. Relaxation of the muscles due to old age or fatigue can also initiate snoring.